1 Day Head Start, 1 Day HS Deep Dive, 1 Day Overview UG

Join us on Day 1 for an interactive adventure through all that makes HS/EHS successful, and sometimes stressful.  We will discuss the history, regulations, governance structure, results, outcome expectations, and more.  This training will give you tools to take home to find answers as questions arise in the future, which they are bound to do.  Plus, you will have the ability to network with others who work in this world too.                      Day 2 will be focused on the grant cycle process; and having a strong grant application is only the beginning. Join this session to really discuss the “have to” (the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards) and the “how to” of (the processes around strategic planning, approvals, budgeting, and outcomes).                                                                                                                                                              Finally, as a federally-funded program you know you must follow the Uniform Guidance, and this is what Day 3 is all about.  Having strong internal controls and understanding the rules governing how you can and cannot spend federal dollars are keys to fiscal management and overall compliance in your organization.  You do not need to be a fiscal person to attend.  It is critical for all departments to understand these regulations to work together successfully.                                                                                                                                                Professionals new to the organization, as well as professionals who have been there for decades, will benefit from this 3-day training.

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2/5/2019 8:30 AM - 2/7/2019 5:00 PM
Doubletree Hotel By Hilton Hotel Dallas 2015 Market Center Blvd Dallas, TX 75207


The Head Start Act identifies pages of guidelines that HS/EHS programs need to follow to stay in compliance. When you are implementing the Head Start Act, there are numerous things to consider, including how decisions impact your program. In this overview, we will explore the Head Start Act and give you time to learn where to find information and dig into the details once you are back at the office. And since the Head Start Act goes hand in hand with the Head Start Program Performance Standards,  45 CFR Parts 1301-1305 (HSPPS), we will explore the highlights of the HSPPS. Our goal is to help you get comfortable with what HS/EHS programs need to follow to stay in compliance. We will pay special attention to the areas of: Definitions (they sometimes differ depending on the regulation) Administrative requirements (administrative limitations) Power and functions (governing body, policy council, policy committees and administrative requirements) ERSEA (eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance) Records (what to keep, how to keep it and for how long) Qualifications and wages (background checks, trainings, minimum staff requirements) Monitoring Protocol (FA1 and FA2)
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
2/5/2019 8:30 AM

2/5/2019 1:30 PM

Having a strong grant application is only the beginning of the grant cycle process. Join this session to really discuss the “have to” (the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards) and the “how to” (the processes related to strategic planning, approvals, budgeting and outcomes). We will address the following areas: Community Assessments – What needs to be in them and why Strategic Planning – How community assessment results impact your strategic and grant goals Goal Planning – Building five-year goals and one-year goals to meet them Budgeting – Ensuring the budget is robust enough to address the goals Outcomes – Identifying what needs tracked, and possibly improved upon, to meet your goals Results – Sharing your celebrations with the community you serve
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
2/6/2019 8:30 AM

2/6/2019 1:30 PM

After an introduction and discussion of the laws and regulations, there will be a discussion of the general provisions and administrative requirements. We’ll highlight these key areas: Applicability of and implementation dates for the regulations Standards for financial management systems and internal controls Property and equipment Program income Budget revisions Procurement Requirements for pass-through agencies Reporting and record retention requirements In addition, the cost principles cover the costs that a grant-funded program can charge to federal grant awards. General principles, allowable costs, unallowable costs, and costs that require prior approval will be discussed. We’ll also discuss all changes in regard to cost allocation and selected items of cost.
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
2/7/2019 8:30 AM

2/7/2019 1:30 PM

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