Fraud Prevention for Government Professionals

Fraud Prevention for Government Professionals
Fraud risk is the risk of misappropriation of assets, whether done internally or externally. This can include not only fraudulent cash disbursements but misdirection of cash receipts (this risk is raised when actual cash is involved). Stereotypically, the risk of fraud is greater when internal controls are in a state of flux, have not been updated for an extended period of time, or are just not being executed properly. An example of internal controls in a state of flux can be anything done during the pandemic to keep the operations running as smoothly as possible. To address this risk, we recommend the ENTITY perform a fraud risk assessment. A fraud risk assessment will analyze internal controls, as they’re being performed currently, to not only minimize the risk of fraud but to enhance and improve the operation of the ENTITY. The fraud prevention checkup process is simple and painless. It starts with interviews of all staff who have the ability to handle money and the questions asked during these interviews are based on your industry and your particular business. Once we complete our work, our report will be delivered orally with a bullet point checklist that we review during the discussion of our findings. A written report is available at a small additional fee.

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