Now’s Your Time to Shine: Tell Your Story

Now’s Your Time to Shine: Tell Your Story
One of the saddest things I experience going into a community to work with an agency, is that no one in the community knows you exist. Or they may only know when you ask for something – or they need something. But, with the influx of funding to help offset COVID-19 challenges, perhaps more people are paying attention.  Let’s tell them your story. You need to communicate your successes, as well as your new or expanded services now more than ever.  Be proactive!  Tell the community how the money is helping.  Good communications help: Make sure people who need the programs get access to them Establish a positive and clear image in the community to help get things done Nurture volunteers Generate donations/funding Most of you already have the data. Now, use it tell your community about all you impact. Whether you want to be loud and proud or prefer to be quiet and light it, ignite your community and show off. Why? Because you have AWESOME programs, doing great things in the community.

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5/26/2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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