Friday FAQ: Wipfli & You

Friday FAQ: Wipfli & You
If you have been to one of our on-site trainings, attended a webinar, or are a member of the My Wipfli Membership Service, you know that we enjoy answering your questions. We feel like the best way to help sometimes is to listen and discuss the possible regulations, guidance’s, and best practices that can apply to your specific question. And in times of crisis (or during your regular day-to-day job) you don’t always have the time to research them yourselves. Please join us for this townhall approach to address your frequently asked questions from a panel of industry experts. You will be prompted to submit your questions upon registration. We will address those first, then open up the Q&A box for more questions as time permits.

When you register please enter the email address of the attendee, not the person completing the registration.
5/15/2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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