Making the Ask: Making Fundraising Easier

Making the Ask: Making Fundraising Easier
Fundraising can be intimidating, and even hard for some. It can sometimes feel very scary and awkward. But fundraising as part of diversifying your funding streams is important. You know deep down that you need major donors to stay sustainable. Even if you are heavily grant-funded, you still need to have other options as funding can decrease – and sometimes quickly. In this session, we will show you when and how to make asking for money for your organization easier. With a plan and a few simple techniques, this can be a very enjoyable part of your job. After all, who doesn’t want to celebrate offering more services to those who need it most?

Cancellation Policy: Notice of cancellation must be received 24 hours prior to start-time of the webinar for a full refund of registration fees. If Wipfli cancels the webinar, you will be notified 24 hours prior to the webinar via email. All registration fees will be refunded. For questions or concerns, please call 888.876.4992.

5/15/2018 10:00 AM - 5/15/2018 11:00 AM

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